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Martin Swaggard
It’s better to ask questions early than to be embarrassed later. The more communication that takes place among the team, the better.

Martin Swaggard, PE

Regional Director of Civil Engineering - Ambler, PA


Martin started his career with site planning and design for gas stations and c-stores and eventually moved on to various institutional, residential, and commercial land development, as well as oil, gas, and electric utility projects. His interest has evolved from design to project management. Today, he manages a team that communicates well with our clients and other disciplines, and advocates for ways to work smarter by leveraging all of our in-house expertise at an early stage in each project. Overall, he’s excited to come to a job every day that not only benefits our clients, but also results in a positive impact on our community and the environment.


  • Bet you didn't know: Spent a year-long hiatus in Switzerland with his wife
  • Favorite sports: Skiing and surfing
  • Off-the-clock: Running


University of Florida | Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering


American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)