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Hitting deadlines is just part of the job. It’s also about earning trust. We’ve been a partner to McDonald’s since 2008 and are one of just five firms approved to design new restaurants for the company in the U.S. Having completed over 3,000 projects, McDonald's recently entrusted us to help them achieve their vision with one of the largest and most highly-funded rollouts in McDonald's history, the 'Experience of the Future' initiative. This consists of full modernization of an estimated 500 restaurants throughout the country to reinforce their updated brand. 


Another effort where we continue to serve McDonald’s is their remodels in the Great Southern Region. Back in 2011, the brand asked us to partner with them on the ambitious remodeling program, and we’ve been with them on the journey ever since, with some 650 restaurants remodeled and counting.


Among the Great Southern Region projects are 46 stores throughout Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee including one where we had just 21 days to completely remodel the dining area—all while maintaining an operational kitchen and drive-through to minimize revenue loss. A schedule that tight demands continual monitoring and on-the-fly adjustments to keep everyone on-task and marching forward (not unlike a McDonald’s drive-through at lunch hour). Our site superintendent, Sam Volpentesta, worked closely with owner-operator Henry Coaxum, who visited daily for updates and walk-throughs. Sam never hesitated to pause in what he was doing to explain what the crew was doing that day and why. Henry was so pleased with Sam’s availability and communication, he requested him as the super on all of his other remodels, even re-scheduling a start date on one to accommodate Sam’s annual motorcycle trip to Sturgis. We don’t expect clients to schedule their work around our vacations, but the loyal relationship we’ve built with Henry and the whole McDonald’s team is exactly the kind we strive for with every company we work with.


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